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VWAP Bands Indicator2

The VWAP bands indicator is used to give average weighted price results by taking the volume of the full trade. The complete name of this indicator is the volume-weighted average price bands indicator.

VWAP Bands  Indicator

The traders use this indicator to know the average price line for future estimations. This indicator can be used with any forex trading strategy. This indicator works for all currency Paris.


This VWAP Bands  Indicator works with the help of bands. This indicator marks the actions of price in the trading. In this indicator, there are two types of bands. The one band is for buy and the second band is for sale. These bands tell the volume and average price of money in the trading. In this indicator, the bands cross each other and the bands tell that when the signal is for buy and when the signal is for sell. There are high and low bands in this indicator.

Buy and Sell

When the chart line becomes green it creates a sell signal and the signal becomes down. When the chart line became brown then the indicator generates the buy signal and the signal line became high. The brown color shows the price up and the green signal shows the Price down.

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