Privacy Policy

Privacy policy last update date: 31 August 2020


The privacy policy page is one of the most important pages of our website. This page includes all the privacies to use our website, procedures, and use our website under the privacy right. We also declare law protection of our website under this privacy policy page.


Personal data collection by our subscribers and followers is to improve our services. We are providing the best forest trading indicators, top stories about Forex trading, charities and system signals, and many more other things.


We are daily updating our website with new and amazing content and also with the updated privacy policy.


Definition of the privacy policy


The definition of privacy policy depends on our website facilitation and expression of our services through our readers. Every user is applicable under the law of attraction as an applicable company “We” and “Our” website personal data.


Before the usage of our website content, every reader must read our privacy policy as we are owning our content. We are not allowed to use our content on any other website our blog.

Service referred to the country


Our website is available for 24 hours for all countries in the world. It is publicly available on Google search and everyone can read our articles for studying learning. We are not focusing any of the countries to indicate our content to it.

Type of data collected

Personal data

The personal data of our subscribers and followers are more important. These personal data are used to improve the health, statistics, and SEO of a website. We collect browser history, user email, website speed on the client site and much other useful information to just for Website performance.


We are not collecting any kind of sensitive data from our readers.

Tracking Technologies and cookies


Tracking Technologies and cookies are the best one to get user data and many information recording to client-side browser performance. Cookies purchased used for or to maintain and decrease a load of our server to open up our website.


Session and “Persistent” cookies are recently used by our website to maintain the professional service by our website.Any of the users and followers of our website can use these cookies on a just single click. They are also used to unlock our website’s new features and content.

Use of personal data by readers


The use of personal data is a sensitive case. Our website is acquiring minimum critical and sensitive data. We are conducting email addresses, phone numbers to just notify and contact our readers. The cookies usage is also used for how to improve our website content, statistics, website load, and many other important terms.

Disclosure of your data


Disclosure of your data to the government agencies is our valid right to maintain privacy and protection by public authorities.

Children privacy


Our first concern is to provide website content for younger s not for addressing wrong information under the age of 13. Our website addressing forex trader to learn about best indicators, systems, and strategies.

Links to another website


Linking to other websites is a very very bad thing for us. We are not providing any redirect links to other websites. It is the most irritating thing and we include in our policy that we are not using any kind of website link that needs a promotion.


We strongly advise you to check out our website and find if you face any problem with third-party linking. If you found any of the disturbance on our website you can contact us through our official email.


Changes to the privacy policy


To change our privacy policy on a weekly and monthly basis because of privacy policy updates and the website content changes. This will also let you know how you will use our website under the circle of law. We update our privacy policy on this page.

Contact us


If any of the readers and subscribers of our website need help with any kind of thing recording to Forex trading, finding off the best indicator and system we will help you at the spot. We are available on social media platforms and you can also contact us using our official email address