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Price Action Indicator2

The price action indicator is used to know the past trading information and the future price movements for the market trading.

Price Action Indicator

The traders use this indicator to know the previous and future price line estimations. This indicator can be used with any forex trading strategy. This indicator works for all currency Pairs.


This indicator works with bars and price levels. There are open and close entries and high and low levels of the price movements. This indicator identifies all the activities the actions of price in the trading. In this indicator there are two price levels.The one levels is high that is for buy and the second level is low price level that is for sell. These levels and bars tells the past activities and action price of money in the trading.

High and Low price levels

The high price level tells that when the price will high and the low price level tells that when the price will low. When the chart line be cames black or red then  it creates a sell signal and the signal be cames down. When the chart line be came white and green then the indicator generates the buy signal and the signal line became high. The green or white color  shows the price up and the black or red signal shows the Price down.

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