Forex Millennium Indicator Mt4 Free Download

The Forex millennium indicator is an indicator used for obtaining accurate trading signals. This indicator is developed by Karl Dittman and his team. This indicator gives the buy and sells signals in the market trend with every time frame. This indicator also sent alerts for these signals on the email and mobile screen by pushing notifications.

Forex Millennium Indicator

Forex millennium indicator is specially developed for beginner traders. This indicator is built with the help of 6 different factors that makes this indicator a unique indicator.

Forex millennium indicator

These factors are given below:

  1. Effective trading algorithm
  2. Beginner-friendly nature
  3. Non-repaint signals
  4. Trend power detection
  5. Major currency pair support
  6. Multiple trading styles

The Forex millennium indicator has three different modes for three different styles for trade. These modes are given below:

  1. Conservative: – in conservative mode, signals frequency is normal, safety measures are maximum sensitive, trend directions are standard, and it has low risks in the trade.
  2. Medium: – In medium mode the frequency of the signals is high, safety measures are optimal, trend direction sensitive, and it has moderate risks in the trade.
  3. Aggressive: – In aggressive mode the frequency of the signal is extreme, safety measures are low, trend direction highly sensitive, and it has high risks in the trade.

These modes help the traders to make different types of traders with only one indicator. It also decreases the risks of the loss in the trade.

Forex millennium indicator INDICATOR ANALYSIS: –

This indicator is developed for forex trading system. It uses all the time frames but the best timeframes for this indicator are time frames of a day (1-min, 2-min, 5-min, 10min, 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour, 2-hour, 5-hours,12-hours, and 24-hours). It can use any currency pair to trade. This indicator can be used in all the Meta trader brokers but the best recommended brokers for this indicator are Alpari, Forex4you, and RoboForex.

Features of Forex Millennium Indicator

Features of the millennium indicator are mentioned below:

  1. Free of cost
  2. MT4 Pop-up Alerts with sounds
  3. Different Modes of risk and security
  4. Never miss out on a trend

How Does It Work?

The forex millennium indicator works very simply in a forex trading system. In other words, it is very easy to use this indicator for different market trends and signals (buy and sell). It is used to eliminate the difficulties from the trade. It is the most advanced indicator to be used in the market trend.


There are many uses of forex millennium indicator that can make a profitable trade in the forex trading system. It is used to gain effective trading algorithms; it is user-friendly for the virtual interface. It takes minimal time for investment, it gives high profitable signals. It is a perfect tool for beginner traders.

It has a unique trend detection power, it has multiple trading styles. It gives a reliable 100% non-repaint trading signals. It supports all the major currency pairs which can help in a better and profitable trade. It is one of the best trends following indicators.


Forex millennium indicator is used to indicate strength trend in the trade.
• Its calculations are based on moving average price.
• It is used to differentiate between trending and non-trending conditions.
• It helps to identify profitable trade.
• From the rise and fall of lines in the Forex millennium indicator graph, the traders sense the price climax.

HOW TO INSTALL Forex millennium indicator:

• First step: – Download the Forex millennium indicator for Meta Trader 4 plateform.
• Second step: -Copy Forex millennium indicator for Meta Trader 4. mql4 to your Meta trader Directory/experts/indicators/
• Start or restart your Meta trader 4 Client.
• Select Chart and Timeframe where you want to test your MT4 indicators.
• Search “Custom Indicators” in your Navigator mostly left in your Meta trader 4 Client.
• Right-click on Forex millennium indicator for Meta Trader 4.mq4.
• Attach to a Chart
• Modify settings or press ok
• In the end, the Forex millennium indicator for Meta Trader 4.mq4 is available on your Chart.

How to remove Forex millennium indicator:

• First step: Select the Chart where is the Indicator running in your Meta Trader 4.
• Second Step: Right-click into the chart.
• Third step: Indicators list.
• At the last: Select the indicator and delete it.

These are simple and easy steps that you need to follow before starting trade because it gives you buy and sell zone indicator with almost 90% precision.


Ahead you are going to begin in real account trading you need to trade at the minimum for one month as a demo in any MT4 or MT5 brokers. It awards you more potential for getting quality payback in long or short term trading across also moving average.

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