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What is Forex Chart Pattern strategy? How to use Forex Chart Pattern strategy? What are its steps? These are some question that come in our mind when we hear Forex Chart Pattern strategy.

Forex Chart Pattern

In this article I am going to explain all the answer.

Forex Chart Pattrn Strategy. 

Forex Chart Pattern strategy it is basically a guide about price moves of different assets in market and its basically works on an equilibrium of demand and supply in any market. This strategy works on identifying bullish and bearish trend and also used to analyse assists that are best for trading in a time frame. This strategy is best to analyse trend out time and give a way to be a better trader. Chart Patterns are unambiguously price representation in a graphical way.

Types of chart pattern. Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and Shoulders, Rising Wedge, Falling Wedge. These are the chart pattern that help identify and learn about market and useful for any currency pairs.

Use of Chart Pattern strategy.

Chart Pattern strategy is used instead or without of another indicator and results were surprising that graph was showing much clear picture of market and way more prominent market opening trend and candles movement.

Chart Pattern strategy helps to spot market biggest trend before happening and price moves.

Steps of Chart Pattern strategy:

Step 1: initial and most important stage is to deciding if the market is in trend mode or on continuation pattern:

Sometimes markets move continuously in the same boat of price there is no upward and downward trend these trends are usually formed after a strong bullish and bearish trend.

Step 2: Choose one type of chart pattern:( second stage is based on first stages info)

There are two main type of Chart pattern:

  • Continuation Patterns: signals that the same trend will continue.
  • Reversal Patterns: sign that the feasible end of a trend and the start of a new trend.

Step 3: third stage is to learn the complete story of trading chart:

Look at the complete graph and learn the movement of price on graph for previous timeframe this will reveal the whole story of market. This will help you find a direction to place a trade and reduce risk rate.

Step 4: Trade Chart Pattern Strategy in convergence with the Good Price Location.

Trade Chart Pattern Strategy is nothing without a price location. Price location means finding support and resistance level of price movement and it can be best indicator.

Step 5: Make Technical Trading Rules for Trading Chart Patterns strategy:

Mostly traders’ work on trading according to their emotional perception about trends opening time or exit time but it is essential for traders to make technical analysis and form predetermined rules.

Last thought about this strategy:

In my opinion it is fastest way of trading and less risky with pretty much practice I can make you a good trader. It works for all currency pair so it is flexible for users and it is complete strategy to generate profit.

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