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Camarilla Exchange Indicator

The Camarilla exchange indicator is a forex trading indicator that is also called the camarilla pivot point. The Camarilla exchange indicator is also known with another name like draws precise support, resistance, target, and the breakout levels. This is used for intraday trading. The pivot points can be taken as the high, low, close, and open points. The Camarilla exchange indicator can count the 11 levels. The 11 points are the sum of the 5 low points like L and the 5 high points like H. the remaining point will be a middle pivot point.

Camarilla exchange indicator

If we talk about the common pivot points of the Camarilla exchange indicator then these common points will be the l3, l4, and the h3, h4. In the advanced era of technology the Camarilla exchange indicator has built-in pivot points there is no need to install the pivot points separately in the Camarilla exchange indicator chart. The Camarilla exchange indicator also contains built-in Fibonacci levels. The traders can turn off or turn on the Fibonacci levels or the pivot points in the main menu of the Camarilla exchange indicator. The time frames for the Camarilla exchange indicator that are used are the 15 min, 10 min, 5 min, and the 1 min time frame.

Trading with the Camarilla exchange indicator

In the Camarilla exchange indicator, the h3 and the l3 are the entry points if we talk about the market trading point of view. The entry point will be high at the h3 level and the short at the l3 level. In this Camarilla exchange indicator, the simple moving average indicator can be used as a helper to find out the direction of the trend. More, the candlestick trading strategy can also be used for better trading results.

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