Best Andrew’s Pitchfork Trading System 2021 Free download

Andrew’s Pitchfork Trading System2

The Andrew’s Pitchfork Trading System indicator is used to increase the accuracy of the trading. The traders use it for the exact step for the trading.

Andrew’s Pitchfork Trading System

This is used for identifying that how much buy and sell points and how can we can move towards a good and beneficial trend strategy. It tells us the possible trend direction according to the situation.


The graph lines of this indicator moves up and down in the chart. Here the crust and trough concepts apply that when the crust line moves up it indicated the sign of the profit. But when the trough line moves down then the price decrease. The increment in price and decrement tells that how much the trading step will prove better or wrong for the next trading.

Price up and Price down

When the crust ups the price value goes on peak and when the trough moves down the price value comes down on the base line. The down price size tells there is no change in trend and the up price tell that there is a strong change in the trend. The Andrew pitchfork trading system can be used with any forex trading system. This indicator can also be used with any currency pairs.

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